About us........

   Our dream was to one day build a retreat where people could come to and rest.  A place for people to enjoy family time together and the beautiful outdoors.  A place away from the Television, News, confusion and  hustle and bustle of life itself.  A place to retreat to and rest!

We both work full time jobs off the farm. I was a nurse for over 30 years and recently left the healthcare field and now work with Ryan.  Ryan is a master technician and owner at our repair facility in Greeneville. 

We have been working on the farm renovation for several years. We have  been through many trials and tribulations during this time and at times construction has come to a complete halt for periods of time.

Even though we have had ups and downs, the Lord has always made the way for us to get back up and keep going. He has provided the people we have had building and  working here along beside us. He has always  been faithful to make the financial aspect of building this place reachable for us. When we thought there was no way to continue, He always said YES...... here is the way, I am always faithful.

Our story  here began in 2002 when the then owner of this farm brought Ryan here to see it. 

He just wanted to show it to him and show him where he was going to build a home, and do this or that.  He took Ryan all through the trails and showed him everything. They ended up at the top of the tallest hill on the property and  the view was amazing.  It still is today.     

Ryan told the man that if he ever wanted to sell the farm, that we would buy it and build a retreat. Ryan had a vision on the top of that hill that day.  The owner said he would never sell the farm, it wasn't for sale and that he was going to build a house here and pass it down to his family when he is no longer here.    Ryan later thanked him for showing the place to him and reminded him that if he ever changed his mind, to keep us in mind.......

One year later Ryan got a phone call from the farm owner. Ryan thought he was intoxicated, he didn't sound right, he didnt sound like the same person, he did not recognize who it was  on the phone at first. He told  Ryan that "the Lord told him to sell us the farm".   Ryan said "WHAT??".  The owner repeated himself saying the same thing again.    Ryan was  SHOCKED at what he had just been told.  

Fast forward to 2023  We have changed the look of the farm dramatically, and are not finished yet. It takes time to move mountains of dirt from one place to another. We built a home for ourselves in 2008, put in a campground for  visitors, a bath house that just recently opened for use, a pavilion for people to use  for weddings, reunions etc etc.   We are a work in progress still.  

 We hope you enjoy the farm as much as we do.    Fish, hike, camp, rest............. Praise the Lord for rest!